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Stripchat Cam Site became the leading live webcam platform, with over 500 million monthly users, and it became critical for us to focus more on CSR and other projects to improve the well-being of our worldwide community. Discover a list of our public relations stunts and global initiatives that have been mentioned in the top press outlets.

Even Bill Maher speaks about Stripchat Cam Site:

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Stripchat Cam site traffic is increasing as people in Quarantine seek sexy companionship

People are turning to Stripchat live cam services for sexy engagement as social alienation and self-isolation persist. Adult chat and video sites have seen a rise in traffic, purchases, and sign-ups, with the largest sites experiencing a 75% increase in new members.

Stripchat Cam Site reports a 25% increase in traffic in the United States and Italy, a 20% increase in Germany, and a 15% increase in the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, and France. Daily video sales at ManyVids climbed by 7.5% from March 16 to March 23, compared to all previous weeks this year. Premium membership sign-ups grew by 11%, while tip sales increased by 9%. IsMyGirl claimed a 50% increase in visitors to their website. Meanwhile, OnlyFans cites a 75% rise in new sign-ups in the last month (compared to the site's normal 15% monthly growth trajectory) and claims to be attracting about 150,000 new users every 24 hours.

“People want companionship as much as they want sexual fulfillment right now,” says Max Bennet, Stripchat's Vice President of New Media. “These are incredibly stressful and uncertain times for everyone,” says a spokeswoman for ManyVids. It's human nature to want comfort and connection, and Stripchat Cam Site offer some relief from the loneliness we're all feeling. The numbers for the month of March plainly show that more people than ever before are flocking towards stripchat cam site platform.”

Increased traffic does not always imply new clients. The number of new models joining the platforms where consumers may pay to talk to and interact with models, as well as buy clips and images, is increasing. Stripchat's global new registrations are up 15% since the beginning of the year, with the majority of this growth occurring in the last month. Since the first week of March, average daily registrations in Italy have tripled. Both the US and Spain are up almost 45% from the first week of March. ManyVids, which sells clips and videos, has seen a 22% rise in models starting live webcams, which they claim is “100% related to COVID-19.”

While not everyone who hosts live sex cam streams and sells movies on these platforms creates pornographic content, many do. Porn stars who have lost their jobs as a result of studio closures have diverted fans to personal cam and clip sites. Escorts, strippers, and other sex workers who are unable to perform or meet with clients in person are now offering online shows, chats, and personalized videos.

Forbes, Franki Cookney, Former Contributor,

Stripchat World Wide Cam Site

Stripchat Cam Site inadvertently discovers the next best use case for AI

Stripchat Cam Site, a live camming platform with over 60 million monthly visitors, has introduced a new AI service tool that could provide us a glimpse into the next service field of deep machine learning and AI. Until far, consumer-focused AI has been centered on cloud services in a more professional setting. The application of machine learning systems has not been made widely available to the general public. It's been used to protect consumers, but rarely to benefit consumers, like Stripchat Cam Site is doing.

Stripchat's development team created a machine learning algorithm to detect specific sex actions in live, streaming video. While porn sites have been using this technology for a few years to automate video labeling and improve search, it is often applied to static, pre-recorded video rather than live video. Stripchat's artificial intelligence is dubbed “Anal-ytics,” and we'll leave it at that.

The researchers created a convolutional neural network (CNN) that allows the AI to recognize a common scenario for any given scene. It can tell if the items in the movie (human or otherwise) meet the preconceived concepts of the sex act it is looking for. According to Stripchat Cam Site, it has a 92% accuracy rate thus far.

Sure, Amazon Rekognition and Google's footage AI are both using this technology, but Stripchat's AI is evaluating live footage as it happens. Not only live content, but online live content, which poses a different problem than offline content analysis. The AI had to be trained to detect the specific sex act in progress, categorize it quickly, and provide that information to users.

Both Twitter's Cortex and Facebook's AI detection system already work with live video streams to detect anomalies in the service of keeping disturbing content off the platforms. In that context, this is not a new technology. But with Stripchat, the use of AI to deliver information to the user instead of cleaning out the garbage is a more novel application of this type of AI.

Machine learning and AI are all around us, from the programs we use every day to banking systems and social media. The difference between those and what Stripchat is doing is that it is more in service of the consumer's wants rather than needs. We don't need artificial intelligence to find live streaming sex activities, but consumers demand easier tag search in live video, so here we are.

Object identification on a live video feed is a difficult task, but once completed, it can detect everything it has been trained to recognize. Applications range from the porn business to anything that uses live video. However, in the porn context, this not only benefits users by providing a more accurate tagging system on live video, but it also benefits the thousands of cam models who use Stripchat Cam Site.

Forbes, Curtis Silver, Senior Contributor, Aug 27, 2020,10:00am EDT

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Stripchat Cam Site is the First Adult to introduce a SPAC

If you haven't noticed, the stock market is out of control. Particularly recently. Between the GameStop/Robinhood saga, Elon Musk and other bigwigs making noise about Bitcoin, and the pandemic's ongoing, real-world influence on people's economic outlooks, Wall Street has had a weird few months.

But don't ignore the growing popularity of SPACs, or special purpose acquisitions companies, popularly known as blank-check corporations. If you're unfamiliar, SPACs are glorified shell corporations that exist only in name, attracting investments through an IPO and then using those assets to acquire larger, established companies with genuine commercial activities (provided they succeed). Consider the procedure to be a hostile takeover.

And, as of today, prominent adult webcam sites should be on the lookout. Stripchat (what it sounds like… and yes, that link is safe for work) has announced its desire to build a SPAC centered on the adult entertainment industry.

Stripchat Cam Site is not only bringing sexy back, but we're also bringing sexy SPAC!” declared the site's VP of New Media, Max Bennett, in a brief press release.

Sure. In response to an email from Entrepreneur, he clarified that the SPAC's “formal name will be StripSPAC Acquisition Corp,” and that “regulations prevent any SPAC from announcing potential targets as it may affect the movement of the stock.”

At the very least, you have to appreciate their naked ambition.

Entrepreneur, Kenny Herzog, Feb 24, 2021

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